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Agencies listed alphabetically - click on corresponding letter.

Pardons, Board of

Parole, Board of

Patrol, Nebraska State

Personnel, Division of State (See Dept. of Administrative Services Personnel Division)

Peru State College

Postsecondary Education, Coordinating Commission for (See Coordinating Commission)

Power Review Board

Professional Practices Commission

Property Assessment and Taxation (See Revenue, Dept. of)

Public Accountancy, Board of (See Accountancy)

Public Counsel, Ombudsman (See Legislature, Nebraska Unicameral)

Public Employees Retirement Systems (See Retirement Systems)

Public Power District, Nebraska
      Central Nebraska Public Power and Irrigation District
      Cornhusker Public Power District
      Custer Public Power District
      Loup Power District
      North Central Public Power District
      Omaha Public Power District
      Southern Power District
      Wheat Belt Public Power District

Public Service Commission


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